W3Schools Offline 2018 is an educational website for learning web technologies online.[1] Content includes tutorials and references relating to HTMLCSSJavaScriptJSONPHPPythonAngularJSSQLBootstrapNode.jsjQueryXQueryAJAXXML, and Java.

W3 Schools Offline is very helpful for beginners to learn HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, browser scripting javascript HTML WML Script, server scripting PHP, ASP, SQL, Dot NET, etc. This website provides basic support for a lot of things. Many people search the internet to get the Offline version. When you don’t have an internet connection you can browse the w3schools website easily with this offline version. Learn website designing through this great website w3schools when you don’t have an internet connection or just without internet.

How to Use:
After downloading the ZIP file, extract the ZIP file using WinRAR or WinZip. Then browse files and enjoy.

File Info

  • File Name: W3Schools Offline 2018 Latest Version
  • File Type: RAR
  • File Size: 474MB
  • File Source: Google Drive
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