CSS Formatter

What is "CSS Formatter"

SoftClever Limited offers an online tool that allows you to easily format your CSS code. The tool is perfect for developers and designers who want to make their code more organized, readable, and easier to maintain. The CSS code formatter supports all major CSS syntaxes including CSS, SCSS, and LESS. With this tool, you can quickly clean up your code and make it more professional-looking.

The CSS code formatter is very easy to use. Simply copy and paste your CSS code into the text box, and click on the "Format" button. The tool will automatically format your code according to the selected syntax and display the formatted code in a new window. You can then copy and paste the formatted code into your editor or development environment.

The CSS code formatter also includes a number of customization options, allowing you to customize the formatting to your preferences. You can choose the syntax of your code, select the indentation size, and choose whether or not to include comments in the formatted code. These options allow you to format your code exactly the way you want it.

Overall, the CSS code formatter tool from SoftClever Limited is a great resource for developers and designers who want to keep their CSS code organized and easy to read. Try it out today and see how it can improve your workflow!

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