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  • What is "Character Count Online"

    Character Count Online, provided by SoftClever Limited, is a free web-based tool designed to help users count the number of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs, and spaces in a piece of text. This tool is especially useful for writers, students, and journalists who have specific word count requirements.

    To utilize this tool, users can either copy and paste their text into the provided text box or directly type it in. The tool then automatically counts the number of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs, and spaces and displays the results below the text box.

    Apart from basic character counting, the tool also offers advanced features such as the ability to exclude specific words from the word count and count only specific types of characters like letters, numbers, punctuation, spaces, or all characters.

    With Character Count Online, users can easily check the length of their text and make the necessary adjustments to meet their desired word count or character limit. It is a straightforward yet powerful tool that can save users time and effort when working on written assignments, articles, or blog posts.

    SoftClever Limited is delighted to offer this tool for free and is dedicated to providing high-quality and useful tools that enable our users to be more productive and efficient. The number of SMS messages that would be required to send the counted characters and spaces is not calculated by the tool.

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