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SoftClever Limited now providing social media verification services. Our professional and dedicated social media experts are able to verify any social media profiles or pages. We are able to verify and provide the following social media verification services.

We have the flexibility to verify Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and Twitter accounts. But, this doesn’t mean your bad spam account can get verified. Social Media Verification is just for accounts that really should be verified.

  • Musicians
  • Celebrities
  • Public Figures
  • Notable Companies

If you don’t have any press articles or Wikipedia pages, don’t worry. Our team of specialists will find this out for you. Please note that verifying your Facebook page is less complicated than supportive of your Instagram handle. Instagram verification is reserved for specific celebrities and businesses.

This is only for Pages, Not personal profiles.
This can’t be affected by pretend fans. If you would like your Facebook page verified it must represent an important person, someone semi notable or an organization that individuals are attentive to. So, if you're thinking that your Facebook page is worthy, complete the shape below we tend to|and that we} can allow you to recognize if we believe it stands an opportunity to be verified, together with what steps to require next so as to induce the blue badge.

This is the toughest social media account to verify.
There is a decent likelihood that our initial analysis can reveal your account isn’t eligible, however, we have a tendency to are quite happy to own a fast look. It helps if the user incorporates a verified Facebook page, a powerful on-line presence, And if the account represents an actor, a Wikipedia page, and if a musician, An iTunes preview page.

Do we really want to even say it? Twitter verification is difficult.
Accounts should belong to somebody worthy. This isn’t for a few dreamers that wish the blue checkmark to select up chicks with. undecided if your account is worthy? If not, you almost certainly shouldn’t be asking. If you represent a Twitter account that ought to be swinging the massive blue verification dick, submit below and that we can allow you to understand if we will facilitate.

It will take up to 40/60 days to get that desirable blue badge (i.e verify your social media handle) however we have a tendency to take a guarantee that it'll be done (if we have a tendency to accept your order). If we fail to verify, you'll have your entire money back! Our evaluation starts at 350,000/Tk per verification. we have a tendency to square measure certain if our competitors provide lower or higher evaluation however we all know we have a tendency to are better!

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Are you unable to share your website URL on Facebook feed or Instagram Bio? Is it affecting your website traffic, your sales?
Don't worry, we can unblock your domain or website URL from Facebook within 72 hours. So you'll be able to post it again on Facebook and Instagram.
Our price starts at 2,500/Tk per website or domain unblock. If we fail to unblock your domain or website, you'll get your entire money back!

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