SMS Terms of Use

Your SMS will not be stored in our database for a long time.

You will not be able to send abusive, sexual, threatening, lottery, or anti-national SMS. Our service cannot be used for any illegal purpose. If you did, legal action will be taken against you. And the account will be banned forever.

You will not be able to send any type of adult message using our SMS service. If any SMS sent from your account, immediately your account will be blocked and in this case, any request will not be accepted.

No fraudulent SMS can be sent and also any kind of adult products / equipment cannot be used for marketing.

You will be responsible for all SMS sent from your account. SC Free SMS Sender will not be responsible for this in any way. Each of your SMS is constantly monitored by the Cyber ​​Crime Unit and legal action will be taken against you including blocking the account for any kind of illegal content and activity.