Why We Provide Free SMS Service?

We know many of you are wondering that why this free SMS website is incredibly important and who are seeking this kind of service, people who live outside of Bangladesh always try and find a free source of text messaging because SMS prices in foreign countries are very high. SoftClever Limited has designed this website for sending fast free SMS service for those who live outside Bangladesh, also Bangladeshi nationals might also send free SMS by using this service.

However, SoftClever Limited's free SMS is becoming the fastest way of communication and every people is using SMS to communicate with others. If you would like to send free SMS of over 160 characters then you need to own a premium SMS service and don’t worry that’s really affordable for every package.

Let us clear one thing that we do not use any illegal gateways to send free SMS to mobile phones, as Governments in every country are very serious about these kinds of gateways. So, you will be ready to use our free SMS service with none problem because we're working 100% legal and ethical.

Furthermore, we are able to provide this SMS service free of cost but we’re registering people for their own protection, so nobody can use this service without registration and also they just need to verify their identity before start using this service.

If you’ve any query regarding sending free SMS from the internet to mobile by using SoftClever Limited, you'll be able to use our Contact Us page for any quite help.

Warning: Before clicking on the register button, please double-check that your mobile number and email, etc. are correct. If you create your account using fake information, we will block your account.