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Own your OWN TV Station Online:
WebTV Video broadcasting and Web TV LIVE Streaming LIVE Broadcasting and LIVE broadcasting streaming from your own studio.

iReport user accounts and features (Citizen Journalism):

  • Anyone with a Smart-phone can upload his/her videos and images directly to you 24/7
  • iBaroody has special Offers and package for TV Stations anywhere worldwide and for any language-based TV Station.

The online TV’s in the future. If you are a TV station and have not had the means and ability to show your presence online by now, most likely your TV station is not making you any profits and probably about to be doomed out of business.

It minds puzzling how Corporate decision-makers are willing to invest in hundreds of thousands of dollars if not Millions to build a studio, have TV station production rooms and newsroom when the reality now with an Online TV a Web TV you can reach the world and each and every person worldwide has an equal opportunity to watch your programs, videos, political and social competitors. If you are the smallest of the small stations to the largest highly famous stations it is an equal opportunity to compete for the online user. With Internet speed, increasing video views are doubling and the rating for each goes with it in statistics and numbers.

WebTV knowledge facts:
IT personnel already in business corporate offices and production studies are not experts when it comes to the online video and video streaming technology. This is why iBaroody is here to work for you be part of your IT teams and crew on hand and in hand helping, guiding you, serving you, consulting, but most importantly doing all the necessary work and providing you with all the required materials, accounts expertise necessary streaming ability and capability, to own your own, manage your own, and push to succeed your own WebTV and your own Worldwide Internationally credited high-end high speed Live streaming and Live broadcasting ability and capability.

Web TV Interface Design:
TV Station Identity graphics and multimedia package:
TV Station Identity all the necessary graphics required, 2D, 3D, animation, and full TV Station Identity package… ready-made and/or customized you have to look good to be good. Be as modern as you can be right now in order to attract the youngest of the online users and TV viewers.

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