How to Earn Points?

You can earn points by watching video and visiting websites. If you have finished the entire video watching, then you will get the points. If your connection interrupted then you have to watch the entire video again from start. Otherwise, the points will not be added to your account.

How Much Video Can Watch?

One video you can watch in a day. If you repeat a video one more time, then no extra points will be added to your account.

How to Complete a Task?

We give freelance work to every user such as Graphics Design, Web Design, Quiz, Sponsors, etc. Once you have done the task then you just need to submit the task and then we will review and update you that your task is completed or not. If you have successfully done the task then points will be added to your account.

How to Request for Payment?

Once you have reached your minimum earnings, then you can request for payment. To request a payment, you need to visit Payout Points page.

What is the Payment Method?

We allow our all users to get paid via - bKash only.